Virtual CFO Services

What is A Virtual CFO?

A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (vCFO) is a CFO who works on a remote and/or part time basis to deliver the high-level, reliable financial guidance to a business without the attached cost of full-time executive employment.

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CFO Deliverables

The real return on investment (ROI) in accounting comes from the accounting and tax strategies. That’s why all of the services that we offer include strategy. The CFO is the leader of the accounting and finance function in a business. Here are a few of the many deliverables our Virtual CFO services include: 

  • Accounting & Tax Strategic Planning

  • Insight & Analysis

  • Greater Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Oversight of Accounting & Finance Function

  • Sounding Board, Coach, and Guide

  • Increase Efficiency - Identify and cut waste while finding opportunities.

  • Identify Key Metrics - KPIs

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis

  • Annual Budgeting, Forecasts, & Projections

  • Much more…

The key benefit to hiring a Virtual CFO versus a full-time CFO is the cost. Compensation packages for full time CFOs are normally $300k+. Virtual CFO services are much more cost effective.


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