Right Choice Accounting Solutions is proudly a black owned, CPA led outsourced accounting firm. Right Choice offers a one-stop shop accounting service that includes bookkeeping, Virtual CFO services, accounting analysis and strategy, tax planning and preparation, and much more. To see our current service offering in detail Click Here.

How We See It

Accounting is made up of all of these different pieces that make up the full accounting puzzle. Our goal is to integrate all of the individual pieces into a system that completes the puzzle for our clients. To be most effective, things like bookkeeping and accounting strategy must be done with tax liability in mind. Why not create a system where all three areas seamlessly communicate with each other? That’s how it’s done in the large successful companies. Right Choice applies the same proven strategy to our small and medium business clients. The best part is, we do it for a fraction of the cost of hiring an accounting department. We create “win win” situations for our clients.

Our Leadership

Albert C. Hurston Jr., CPA is the owner, founder, and CEO of Right Choice Accounting Solutions. He is a married father of three who is the true definition of a family man. After gaining most of his experience working with large companies, he started Right Choice with small and medium sized businesses in mind. Albert believes the key differences between companies that thrive and companies that struggle are the strength of their accounting and finance teams, how well they analyze their financial data, and how well they adjust based on that data. He wants to ensure that small and medium sized business owners understand this early on just like the big companies do.

“As information continues to become more readily available, companies will become more aware of the benefits and cost savings of outsourcing. Business owners will start to understand a lot of the services that don’t directly contribute to their primary business function can be outsourced. Automation will replace a lot of the lower-level jobs, so a lot of companies will have different needs. Right Choice will be a big part of that in the accounting world.”

Lauren E. Hurston acts as the COO, Director of Marketing, and much more for Right Choice Accounting Solutions. She is extremely proficient at creating processes, process improvement, and team building. She is the backbone of Right Choice who fills in all of the gaps. She played a large role in the development and growth of the firm. I asked Albert what the single most important thing was in the development of the firm and he said “You want the long answer or the short answer? I’ll give you both. The short answer is Lauren. The long answer is my wife & partner Lauren E. Hurston. Honestly, she took my ideas and plans and turned them into policies and procedures. There is no Right Choice without our COO.”

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